Mya’s First Birthday!

From EVERYONE I spoke to, they absolutely loved the cake. Even my diabetic dad who shouldn’t be having cake and usually doesn’t care to, he finished his piece and mentioned how it was worth taking an extra pill for.

I personally LOVED it. Marnie, that was an awesome cake in appearance and taste. I usually see beautiful cakes but they taste icky, but you got both things down.

Thanx sooo much from all 3 of us, we really appreciate your talent. All the best and we’ll call you next year same time:)

Sam’s 40th Birthday

I’m not sure if I can begin to do justice the absolutely phenomenal response that your cake received. Sam couldn’t (and still can’t) stop talking about the cake last night. Some of her comments were: “It’s the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen”, “I love it more than my wedding cake” (which was a pretty amazing cake), “It is so me”.

People were completely blown away – they couldn’t get over that a cake that looked that amazing could taste so delicious. The pieces of cake were being taken from the serving table so quickly that one of the guests put a few pieces aside for some of us because they thought we might not get a piece before they were gone. There wasn’t one piece left.

Thank you, thank you for all of the work that you put into this most unbelievable cake!

Steve’s Birthday

Thank you Marnie, for the fabulous cake!

It got many compliments and it tasted delicious too.

You are so incredibly talented!

Christina’s 40th Birthday

Marnie, thank you soooo much for the fabulous cake! It was admired and devoured by all.

My sister really loved it and many people asked where it came from. I referred them to your website.

Thanks again!

Susanna’s 50th Birthday

Just wanted you to know that the cake was a huge success!!!

Everyone commented and adored it so thank you again for all of your efforts and I will definitely refer you for future possibilities, family and others!

65th Birthday

Once again Marnie, you outdid yourself. The cake was wonderful. Everybody was commenting on how good the cake looked and how moist it was. There were only 2 pieces leftover, I ate one last night and am planning on having another tonight. Thanks again!